Solid Color Panels

The “Solid Color Panels” range is composed of 8 solid colors, and is the original range of PaperStone®
Products produced with 100% FSC® certified recycled paper and phenolic resin not derived from petroleum, called  PetroFree™. Each slab has a solid, homogeneous appearance through its entire thickness. Its high-performance (resisting temperatures up to 180° without any visible changes and totally water repellent) makes PaperStone® particularly suitable for producing counter tops for bathrooms and kitchens.

Thanks to its attractive appearance, with warm, natural earth tones, it is also perfect for use in many other fields of application, including false ceilings, coverings for vertical walls, residential and commercial furnishings, and much more.  PaperStone® has also obtained important certifications, including Class C fire resistance, suitability for contact with foods in accordance with  European EC1935 and American NSF® certifications. And last but not least, it is an ecological material.
Since it is produced with FSC® certified recycled paper and natural resin, it has also obtained important environmental certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council, and qualifies for bio-building use and assignment of LEED® credits.