PaperStone® … also for exterior applications!

  • Ideal for outdoor kitchen counter tops, coverings, for producing garden furniture or parts of furniture, and many other creative uses;
  • Innovative, resistant and ecological;
  • Produced exclusively with 100% post-consumer recycled paper;
  • The use of pigments instead of colorants maximizes homogeneity of colors and resistance to UV light;
  • Certified in accordance with FSC® standards.

To improve resistance to UV light it is recommended to treat the surface with “OSMO(r) TopOil 420 UV EXTRA”. PaperStone® is an excellent choice for many exterior uses, like outdoor kitchen counters, horizontal and vertical coverings, shelves, seats, lounge chairs and more. Attractive, strong and resistant, PaperStone® for exterior use offers excellent performance and flexibility of design.

Durable, ecological
The elasticity and high resistance of PaperStone® guarantee superior resistance and exceptional traction strength when using fastening elements. PaperStone® composite panels are not damaged by contact with water, are not vulnerable to deterioration over time, and are not affected by mold or especially humid environments. PaperStone® panels can be easily cut and perforated using common tools with widia or PCD diamond bits.

Fire protections
PaperStone® offers maximum safety and protection against fire. It is especially indicated for applications that require high fire resistance. PaperStone® does not melt, liquify or explode. In case of fire, it maintains its stability for a prolonged period. It has a class A UL rating for flame diffusion as well as smoke rating based on ASTM E84 tests.

PaperStone® panels are available in sizes that satisfy specific application requirements. The maximum size of the panel is 3658 X 1530 mm. PaperStone® panels are available in different thicknesses to satisfy specific application requirements. The panels can be cut to measure and perforated at the work site.

PaperStone® panels can be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle detergents IMPORTANT: Avoid using detergents that contain ammonia. For more information request the USE AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL.