Gunmetal…cool, sleek, sophisticated

Gunmetal is our version of sleek, contemporary style. And it’s a great choice for your next remodeling or building project. When you’re looking for a fresh, modern feel make a statement for style and sustainability too. PaperStone® is the greenest architectural surface on the planet.

As PaperStone® ages it will assume a pleasing, lustrous, seasoned appearance that is an inherent characteristic of the material. This is a natural progression of a natural product, resulting in a beautifully soft, rich patina. The aging process takes time and, much like fine hardwood, a deep luster will develop in areas of heavier use.

Gunmetal is a dark gray. A heavy amount of much lighter mottling becomes very apparent after a very light sanding. Mottling will ‘brown’ over time. Gunmetal is made with 100% recycled paper and is NSF® certified. As Gunmetal ages it becomes darker, taking on a pleasing patina, more noticeable on edges.

There are special instructions for the preparation of Gunmetal. Please review the bulletin at the following link: Sand Thru Caution