Slate, a popular classic

Slate is black. Slate panels present a luster and warmth perfect for kitchen and bathroom designs that are modern and refined, traditional and formal or anywhere in between. PaperStone® panels can also be used to craft sleek furniture pieces.

There are several versions of Slate for different needs. Slate N, made exclusively from recycled OCC (recycled cardboard) is 100% recycled and NSF® certified. Some mottling and occasional speckling with recycle particles characteristic in OCC become more apparent with sanding.

Slate P has a layer of recycled office paper which has much less mottling and no speckling, but is still 100% recycled.

If your after black, Onyx is another PaperStone product you might consider. Made from non-recycled paper, Onyx has a pure black appearance with no mottling and no impurities.

Slate N, Slate P, and Onyx show almost no discernible effects from fading or age.