A beautiful light blue, Azure is a shade reminiscent of the sea viewed from the beach on a summer day. This Design Collection color is the newest offered by PaperStone®. Azure will compliment cabinetry and other furnishings in a variety of wood finishes. If you are looking for a distinctively modern countertop design solution for any home or office setting, Azure is sure to please.

PaperStone Azure is a composite material made from 100% recycled FSC® certified Mix post-consumer recycled paper, melamine and our own proprietary phenolic resins plus natural pigments. It has a distinctive edge grain with alternating light/dark layers. The surface is color stable melamine, and thus shows almost no discernable effects from light exposure or age.

Because two surface layers are attached, if used with drop down edge profiles the color layer at the seam will be appear wider than the layers within the panel making the seam more visible.

There are special instructions for the preparation of Azure panels. Please review the bulletin at the following link: Sand Thru Caution